The Code of Murvoth

For the Gerrov Gather seeing the Rangers of Stahlheim changed them substantially.  Shifted to a new location within Slatespirit has improved their lives.  Young  Haakin slowly came to idolize the armored Orc, a representative of good the Goblinesh can otherwise be without historic figures even those of the divine. Witnessing rumors, discussions, and news of his exploits he manufactured a what is being deemed the Code of Murvoth… .or what he feels his hero would say.

Code of Murvoth


* See an Enemy Leader, knock out for information

* Treat all meals like a feast, it may be your last 

* Ranged Warfare is the measure of lesser warriors

* Sitting on foes never great way to pin them

* SLAUGHTER all slavers no matter who

* Eldakar think too highly of themselves

* Nobles waste wealth on useless things

* People of many magical talents are those to avoid and to watch closely.

* Leave Shaintar with no regrets, do all you desire before that time.

* Stand unafraid towards death even by Ceynara herself. 

* NEVER go off somewhere in the wilds alone. 


The Code of Murvoth

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