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The Start of the Oathkeepers

Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

Falling Ice 19th

Left for  the afternoon after seizing control of the building, impressed by how much wildlife seems to flourish right near us. By Shayline's tit having Balane slowed the progress slightly as the flora was decent and the terrain was mapped well enough. Muttering some magical essence mess of a source of energy..think he called filaments and loci surrounding different areas within a mile or two.  Returning I glanced to see another Dwarf I swore was a builder based on that foreign magical like armor I fought against a few Prelacy folk during the Crimson Crusade…they called it arcmancy.  Amusing fellow based on banter..might be a decent addition hearing he an engineer or smith in  a way. That evening after looking about we found a smithy, sleeping as it felt secured enough for the meanwhile.

Falling Ice 20th

Morning greeted me like an Ogre's arse so pretty much bad feeling too crowded. Knowing the map felt mediocre despite doing grand for my limited resources I fled the headquarters and went out to scout head and better craft a map. Lord Fyrforg was helpful the prior day, all the rooms shown on the blueprints he handed. Should entertain the others for days.   Traversing I felt an uneasy feeling as the map improved in quality. About a few minutes later I knew why…. it was a sodding wolf pack probably one of the three noted from surveying the area.  Climbing up a tree higher than them, I lit a signal fire with a branch. Time passed, I grew bored of the pack of twenty. I killed each with more or less with my knives..even the willowed burnt branch killed one…Murvoth would be proud. 

My fellow mercs stampeded into their hunting den, distracted to go after them. Balane had more guts than most his kind, charging the frey unleashing heavy surge of magic to clean out their numbers.  Admittedly Kreiger frightened me with his bowmanship, yet his abilities on horseback were impressive.  Shame the fae horse was torn into pieces by the damn canines, though gave me time to jump down and crush one on the way down.  The others killed their numbers in the distance, with only a dead horse as the price to pay…well did until the heavy amount of pelts and meat were proper payments to get another horse to him.  Crafting them a grand sled, we dragged them on the powerful Bull Sir Hammerstein had tamed…I think? Money was shared and all we needed were more bodies on our side now . Oh and this place we called Oathkeep is huge!!!!!!!!!

By the Murvoth,

Haakin Zarr 



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