Haakin Zarr

Martial Artist Goblin of the Murvoth


Rank/XP: 40

Race: Goblin {Goblinesh}

Titles : Founders

Coin: 260, 10 gold from other cards

Agility - D8 [Racial +1]

Smarts- D8

Spirit- D6

Strength- D8

Vigor- D8

Pace 6 , Parry 8 (2) 3 – to hit or 6 iif prone ranged or 4 standing ,Toughness 9(3) , Charisma -2 , Essence 0

Skills: D10 Fighting, Notice D4+2 smell, Tracking D8+2, Survival D8+3 or 5 with kit , Stealth D6+2 or 4, Healing D4 , Climbing D4 , Throwing D4, D4-1 Streetwise


Quirk: Worship of his Savior Murvoth [racial], Outsider[racial]

Code of Honor [ The Code of Murvoth/Mercs], Caution (m), Obligation (m) Gathers of Stahlheim


Martial Artist, Woodsman, Mercenary (+1 Streetwise, +1 survival, +1 toughness, +2 on all Common Knowledge rolls related to the mercenary world (including finding jobs, knowing who to talk to and who to avoid, etc.).


Lanthorian Knuckle Busters ( Strength+1), Bracers (1 parry), Shayakar Nightchain (3 armor, -4 coverage 2 stealth at night and nearly silent), Ranger Kit {2 survival rolls, 1 vigor in environmental conditions, +1 healing}, Camouflage Kit (2 stealth), Throwing Knives x6 {strength+d4, 3/6/12)

Languages – Goblinesh, Dwarvish, Malakaran, Olaran

Defining Interest- Herbalism, Barbecue, Cartography (map making)

Special Abilities:
[Bonus Adventure card from Faction play. Still have an unknown enemy]


5xp: Mercenary
10 xp: Ground Fighter
15 xp: Strength to D6!!
20 xp: Mixed Blooded: Powerful Str to D8!!
25 xp: Speedy Nit [-1 to hit, best of two run die]
30 xp: Scamper {Man size or larger-1 to attack rolls}
35 xp: Vigor to D8
40 xp: Dodge
45 xp:
50 xp:


Belonging to the Gerrov Gather since birth, he was awed at the arrival of the Rangers of Stahlheim, specifically Murvoth whom seem quite confident and mighty. Over time it inspired him to train to become like him..carving a different path that may make his idol proud. Leaving Gerrov and forming the Slatespirit Gather with the younger ones.

Haakin Zarr

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