Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Personal journal of Ajal. pt. 3

Disease and Assaults

29th of Planting Moon.


What a period of time, since my last entry. Our little Mercenary band have grown a bit, consisting of goblinesh, dwarves and even a Brinchie seems to have found our Keep. Just recently recovered from a wasting disease, that threatened to destroy our company. Some were throwing the name of Vainar around a lot, in relation to this disease, thou it went over my head. Some great research and reaction by the others, quickly made the company recover from the disease, with minimal consequences. Thou it had a good impact on the morale and discipline, the troops appreciating the leadership. Somehow I rank among those. It still feels very weird to me. And now the stables also is inhabited by some extremely huge ogres, dwarfing the horses. Taking away my last place of comfort.


Then yesterday we were attacked by black clad assailants, in our own keep. The attack thankfully wasn't well thought out, and they hadn't really planned for our keep being defended by huge ogres and a crazy bull. The frontal assault being stopped dead in its track. A group of the enemy, did get into the keep, through the kitchen door, but I was told stopped by Fueller, our new Brinchie friend Jade Shadow and several of our Goblinesh. Quite a mess, in the central hallway of our keep.

I was able to kill a single enemy with a flaming arrow, but I am still getting used to these colder lands, where men are extremely though and heavily armored. Them not having any problems with the heat, like I've seen them in the desert, the sun baking on there metal armor, to there own detriment. 

But as such I did not have much impact on the battle at large, who can claim such a feat, when a bull and a ogre kill a dozen enemies in one charge. I am thankful to the lord of the sun, that they are not my enemy. But I know we will have many days of hard work, as the attack, did show some glaring holes in our defense. It was a very different experience for me.


Mark_Herwig Anilar

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