Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Oathkeepers road to Night Invaders

27th of Planting Moons / Morning of 28th

[Personal Raid – 4 of hearts FACTION PLAY] - 

Recalling the events which transpired feels like quite a blur in my memory.  Certainly, this was sadly expected thanks to prior events with Mallor within our company. Vile ones were smart…utilizing both the great range of crossbows mixed with stealth to be proper guerilla fighters assaulting the base of Oathkeep.

Ajal genius usage of archery enflames the area…lighting up the perimeter near the array of intruders with crossbows lined up. Krazzarg daring not to neglect his duty…rammed them with his massive Tower shield to collapse their line. Manfrid burst charging out of the frey..goring the archers without mercy with the shield crushing them. 

Sneaking within is a sizable group of the invaders. Balane sorcercy alerted us to check the mess hall. Turning a corner approximately a dozen of the bastards. They pin cushion me painfully with crossbolts but I survive well enough before my kin pop up with Chuktars at the ready. Oh, a life spirit of wind me thinks is summoned which helps with not getting no more holes in me.

Balane with his trio shot forward to start. My poor fist fracture hitting a wall trying to hit an assassin in black in the dick.  Manfrid starts taking a few licks of arrows based on recovery efforts in the aftermath. The Orcs make it save the day. I uppercut the dick of one, knocking them unconscious.  Remaining ones sneaking into the offices… doing something to teleport away.  The rest died but not without causalities on our behalf.  One Orc defender of the Slatespirit Gather, a courageous Goblin and a veteran in Stahlheim military were the victims. Fortunately, we have near a dozen prisoners and gear we can either sell or repurpose. Not all is bad for this day.

By the Murvoth,




Mark_Herwig Ruben_Rivera

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