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Oathkeepers road to Less headaches

Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

22nd of Planting Moons to 27th of Planting moons

Hovering back at base…improving the health and feeding the troops back home after nursing that sickness caused by darkness…damn Vainar.  Fortunately the rest return after being driven close to boredom. I feel things will get interesting which often equals problematic in my line of work. 

Faction Play-

[Personal Influence Disease= 2 of hearts] A newcomer appears in Stone   stricken with an illness of sorts coupled with a terrible attitude…. a dwarf sized Brinchie oddly enough. Around a week later oddly only the females are stricken by the illness too. Balane checks up personally and she drinks up combined these he

[Military Scadal 5 of Clubs] Someone attempts to besmirch us terribly by someone declaring ol Haakin had desertion despite Gobilinesh not bound by such requirements in their land. My sources with Balane white silver tongue got things turned out and the twat was punished for such dicey accusations. 

[ Personal Ignominious Intercessions] – A bastard within the Oathkeepers attempting to undermine the authority of the company. We discover its the four Crossbowmen from the Dirty Crossbow in Crag. We effectively eliminated them by their reputation and throwing them out of the base thanks to both the connections of our Noble duo.

27th of Planting Moons 

[Personal Raid – 4 of hearts] –  It seems our annoyance known as Mallor has trouble after him. Luckily for this ratzin of a comrade he has been quite helpful, hence its our duty to help. Time to make the hunters the hunted…


By the Murvoth, 



Mark_Herwig Ruben_Rivera

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