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Oathkeepers road to Eldara

Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

Morning 29th to the late aftermoon 32nd of Planting Moon

Crossing towards the bridge connecting Stahlheim to the Elvish nation behind two merchant wagons belonging to Olara likely with symbols from there. Balane spots an ambush lying in wait. Summoning his arcane powers, the fae had over surged the area with eldtrich flames to kill some of the ambushers.  One of the Merchants was shot through the throat unfortunately….  Manfrid bull charges a tree, knocking it down and killing two. Remind self to not be in his way.  I even impressively threw a blade, piercing him in the shoulder prior to falling down. Sir Hammerstein went ahead to rein in the horses, 

Balane rained a few explosions, crushing one of the supports which killed the rest of the bandits hiding. Bad news is the right side that got smacked,  sinking portion of the bridge. Suddenly Elves from the borders and Dwarves from Stahlheim meet up at the center of discord. 

The Fae shouted something I do not comprehend, likely dealing with the bandits currently fighting against the tide of their ambush.  More bastards are on the bridge. I throw another dagger, dropping him off the bridge. Jade Shadow came out of nowhere, dropkicking and killing one. Deserving of a brief clap for her acrobatics. 

The elves start slaughtering the ambushing bandits, murdering the majority of them. One somehow survived the fall, shooting from the river firing directly at Balane.  An Eldakar commander named Aevonius Bryvaris from Erda'Meias is greeted by Balane, asking about the tree that dropped…apparently, knows this fellow.  We are led by the commander to  Eldara…should be fun, sadly a few of the Fae died.

By the Murvoth,



Mark_Herwig Ruben_Rivera

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