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Balane: Travels

We took a choice group to travel to Echer Naught via Various towns and a trip through Eldara.  I admit I look forward to seeing the place of my birth with some trepidation.  My arranged marriage to a daughter of Que'Kassar will almost certainly come up again.  I have managed to dodge the issue for some 100+ years.  My parents will certainly wish to see the match consummated.  I shall have to introduce my family and future bride to Elasha.  They should be more than willing to add an Alakar of such surpassing beauty and prowess to our family line.  In truth the higher Eldakar families are becoming a bit inbred and need an infusion of strength.

The trip proved eventful as we found a bandit group attempting to seize a merchant wagon.  We fell upon them with a will when yet more bandits appeared.  I speculate this may have been more than simple banditry.  At the crossing of the great river, on the Dwarven side appeared a patrol of Dwarvish crossbowmen coming to our aid, almost simultaneously a patrol of Elves approached from the Elvish side and were jsut in time to see me blast a large tree that, unfortunately, fell upon the North side support of the bridge.  Being of Dwarvish manufacture the bridge withstood the treefall.  The 4 bandits seeking to ambush us beneath the bridge did not!  after clearing the bandits I met an old friend who offered to escort us to Eldara.  We happily accepted and now proceed to the Capital.


Mark_Herwig faradhii

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