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Balane: Interrogation

Well, not so much interrogation as resource gathering.  I was able to learn which house was after the smaller Goblin, Mallor I believe his name is, and even persuaded one of the assassin's to become a retainer of sorts.  I believe these types have some kind of code as long as they are paid.  I shall make sure he is well compensated to keep me alive.  We now plan on heading to Olara for gainful employment.

Oathkeepers road to Other Lands..and allies
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

28th of  Planting Moons

We stripped the poison, crossbows and other numerous items like magical leathers customed fitted meaning whoever hired them came with a vengeance. Balane hired out one of the assassins ..ironically belonging to the rowdy House Jvorick.  In the end, we head to Stone transporting prisoners to the Captain of the guard Glasomli Bouldertoe.

Ajal decides to stay in the region of .towards improving the keep's defenses. As well as being a witness to the prisoners getting prosecuted. Apparently the Eldakar learned of someone and their prior merc company belonging to this current estate… Arianna Silvermoon is or was her name, hard to say. Regardless with all we seized control of.. its about time to seek out more jobs and hopefully recruits. Perhaps knowing magic someone can give clues on one of the leaders in Eldara. But first we go to Olara.


By the Murvoth,


Personal journal of Ajal. pt. 3
Disease and Assaults

29th of Planting Moon.


What a period of time, since my last entry. Our little Mercenary band have grown a bit, consisting of goblinesh, dwarves and even a Brinchie seems to have found our Keep. Just recently recovered from a wasting disease, that threatened to destroy our company. Some were throwing the name of Vainar around a lot, in relation to this disease, thou it went over my head. Some great research and reaction by the others, quickly made the company recover from the disease, with minimal consequences. Thou it had a good impact on the morale and discipline, the troops appreciating the leadership. Somehow I rank among those. It still feels very weird to me. And now the stables also is inhabited by some extremely huge ogres, dwarfing the horses. Taking away my last place of comfort.


Then yesterday we were attacked by black clad assailants, in our own keep. The attack thankfully wasn't well thought out, and they hadn't really planned for our keep being defended by huge ogres and a crazy bull. The frontal assault being stopped dead in its track. A group of the enemy, did get into the keep, through the kitchen door, but I was told stopped by Fueller, our new Brinchie friend Jade Shadow and several of our Goblinesh. Quite a mess, in the central hallway of our keep.

I was able to kill a single enemy with a flaming arrow, but I am still getting used to these colder lands, where men are extremely though and heavily armored. Them not having any problems with the heat, like I've seen them in the desert, the sun baking on there metal armor, to there own detriment. 

But as such I did not have much impact on the battle at large, who can claim such a feat, when a bull and a ogre kill a dozen enemies in one charge. I am thankful to the lord of the sun, that they are not my enemy. But I know we will have many days of hard work, as the attack, did show some glaring holes in our defense. It was a very different experience for me.

Balane: Why does it ALWAYS have to be at night....?

I was enjoying some much needed rest after an exhausting bout of lovemaking with Elasha when sounds of combat awoke us.  After quickly tossing on my my White Silver Chain shirt I moved out to find that we were under attack by unknown forces dressed as assassins in black.  My keen Elvish senses penetrated their feeble attempts to hide and I smote down several of them while maneuvering to aid a Dwarven lookout in the NE tower.  Fortunately the young Dwarf survived the night.  It turned out that Mallor, the smaller of our 2 Goblins, was the cause of the raid.  It has now become imperative that we know WHY these attacks keep happening.  Though, I must admit, it is nice that these foolish enemies bring us such NICE gear to arm our soldiers with…..

Oathkeepers road to Night Invaders

27th of Planting Moons / Morning of 28th

[Personal Raid – 4 of hearts FACTION PLAY] - 

Recalling the events which transpired feels like quite a blur in my memory.  Certainly, this was sadly expected thanks to prior events with Mallor within our company. Vile ones were smart…utilizing both the great range of crossbows mixed with stealth to be proper guerilla fighters assaulting the base of Oathkeep.

Ajal genius usage of archery enflames the area…lighting up the perimeter near the array of intruders with crossbows lined up. Krazzarg daring not to neglect his duty…rammed them with his massive Tower shield to collapse their line. Manfrid burst charging out of the frey..goring the archers without mercy with the shield crushing them. 

Sneaking within is a sizable group of the invaders. Balane sorcercy alerted us to check the mess hall. Turning a corner approximately a dozen of the bastards. They pin cushion me painfully with crossbolts but I survive well enough before my kin pop up with Chuktars at the ready. Oh, a life spirit of wind me thinks is summoned which helps with not getting no more holes in me.

Balane with his trio shot forward to start. My poor fist fracture hitting a wall trying to hit an assassin in black in the dick.  Manfrid starts taking a few licks of arrows based on recovery efforts in the aftermath. The Orcs make it save the day. I uppercut the dick of one, knocking them unconscious.  Remaining ones sneaking into the offices… doing something to teleport away.  The rest died but not without causalities on our behalf.  One Orc defender of the Slatespirit Gather, a courageous Goblin and a veteran in Stahlheim military were the victims. Fortunately, we have near a dozen prisoners and gear we can either sell or repurpose. Not all is bad for this day.

By the Murvoth,



Oathkeepers road to Less headaches
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

22nd of Planting Moons to 27th of Planting moons

Hovering back at base…improving the health and feeding the troops back home after nursing that sickness caused by darkness…damn Vainar.  Fortunately the rest return after being driven close to boredom. I feel things will get interesting which often equals problematic in my line of work. 

Faction Play-

[Personal Influence Disease= 2 of hearts] A newcomer appears in Stone   stricken with an illness of sorts coupled with a terrible attitude…. a dwarf sized Brinchie oddly enough. Around a week later oddly only the females are stricken by the illness too. Balane checks up personally and she drinks up combined these he

[Military Scadal 5 of Clubs] Someone attempts to besmirch us terribly by someone declaring ol Haakin had desertion despite Gobilinesh not bound by such requirements in their land. My sources with Balane white silver tongue got things turned out and the twat was punished for such dicey accusations. 

[ Personal Ignominious Intercessions] – A bastard within the Oathkeepers attempting to undermine the authority of the company. We discover its the four Crossbowmen from the Dirty Crossbow in Crag. We effectively eliminated them by their reputation and throwing them out of the base thanks to both the connections of our Noble duo.

27th of Planting Moons 

[Personal Raid – 4 of hearts] –  It seems our annoyance known as Mallor has trouble after him. Luckily for this ratzin of a comrade he has been quite helpful, hence its our duty to help. Time to make the hunters the hunted…


By the Murvoth, 


Balane: A second outpost claimed
and a secret sub-basement

Scouting the lower levels of Oathkeep Fuller thought he detected a secret door.  Going down and detecting magic showed a mix of magic styles (adept, channeling, faith, sorcery) that kept a door and tunnel locked off.  A bit of research taught the basics of secret doors, we would need to find the password somehow.  I offered a 50g bounty on anyone who could discover it.

We were tasked with reclaiming a second keep on the Northern border.  As we were also required to to patrol the North this fit in well.  Myself, Mallor, and Fuller snuck inside and opened the gates to Fyrforge's 200.  A Dwarven mage proved very useful in carpet bombing the Ballistae that were arrayed against us.  He was also able to become intangible.  Another good success for our team.

Oathkeepers road to CURSES and recovery
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc


33rd of Falling Ice to 33rd of First Hunt

Recovery felt like it was slowly processing, health is slowly fading while making about even to keep our company intact.  Too insignificant times unfortunately with meager saving. A month later this sickness accelerates further… A faint white silver glow surrounds Fuller, everyone else is sickening by it.  The druids also were unaffected meaning something maybe protection from the Ascended. 

12th of Golden Eagle – Planting Moons 3rd 

Through this strife we strengthened, improving relations during that time and the resolve in caring for others earning trust. Just hope a future job pays for this setback.

Balane: More sickness has us emerge stronger than ever.

Oathkeep was hit with a mysterious illness that contained aspects or Darkness to it (Note, this is faction play).  It hit our morale hard (targeted morale stat).  Fortunately everyone performed admirably (many successes and raises totaling the required 7 by only round 2 or 3)  Not much else to report at this time.  I'm sure there will be a mission ahead for a small group of us (Plan something for this weekend Mark!!!!  :)  ).

Balane: Stomach Ache.

Arriving in Rock Ridge we were forced to stay at a Dwarvish inn that was only moderately clean at best.  I elected to not bring it up as we would be passing through here regularly.  then the meal came….  To say it was bad would be to insult bad.  It made the less hardy of our band sick and even killed one driver!  Needless to say, next time we will camp on the road…..


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