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Oathkeepers on Job Hunting
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

26th of Falling Ice

In due diligent, we immediately decided to  split into two groups; myself linked with Sir Hammerstein to recruit some mercenaries while Balane went with the odd goblin Mallor for a good paying job. The Dirty Crossbow was an establishment known to cater to Mercenaries, my eyes darting forward to a sizeable group of humans and dwarves lined up together.  Scared, muscular, looked armed and experienced which pushed for the attempt to recruit them at least.  The proprietor and bartender named  Durbar, Hammerstein purchasing ale to better persuade the warriors.  While getting more information, I learned quite a bit.  Warriors, the ones we are trying to hire got in from a defense job alongway the way within the region.  Done multiple jobs together and a decent representation of getting job done. 

Sir Hammerstein continued to bargain with the mercs, my ears catching rumors of a group of Nazatirs traveling through the tunnel. Rumored to be looking for an escape slave from the mine…. admittedly odd to me.  Although I was not too confident in Balane talents, I received some suggestion of a good caravan going a day or two go to Slatesspirit to rockridge. It was worth considering if a better deal was not afforded to us on the way back to our new headquarters.  Outside much commotion occurred, luckily not on us. Balane got  into trouble seeing 8 dead Nazatirians far enough away and a few Malakarians with scary hammershot {Note to self-want or sell} crossbows trained on him.  Helping with some signaling with mighty Dwarven lungs of Sir.Hammerstein, guards in the city quickly surrounded and scared the bastards away. 

The Watch Captain of the Guard pointed  out to us the direction of a worthy while merchant and stop Mallor from carving more left ears…confusing them for bounties. Just because it works once does not mean it'll be proper everytime.   Still seeing the fellow goblin in a bag by these Malakarians really confuse me, leading me to wonder why they are after him. After getting that job mentioned earlier by Durbar, we were ready to leave the next day… By the Murvoth we got eight tough mercenaries who look like celebration time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the Murvoth,

Haakin Zarr 



Balane: A Day in the Life
not such a good day for the small Goblin!

Our group split up in Crag, myself and Mallor to seek employment back to Stone.  Fuller and the larger Goblin (Haakim I think?) to recruit.  Fuller and Haakim were very successful with little complications.  Unfortunately myself and Mallor were not so lucky.  Though the small Goblin attempted to help, quite frankly he was more of a hindrance than anything.  I suspect only my innate superiority allowed me to be as successful as I was in initial contact with a group who was hiring guards back through the tunnels to Stone.  Then this group of (I later learned Nazatier's (note to self, learn the language) persons attempted to bag the small Goblin.  I was confident of my ability to take them out personally, but felt compelled to offer them an opportunity to surrender.  At that moment ANOTHER group of people killed the Nazatier!   They also began to attempt to apprehend the poor small Goblin.  I was rather at a loss until a patrol of Dwarvish military led by an old compatriot of mine from bygone days appeared and the villains chose, wisely, to flee.  We arranged passage with another group and that is where we left things for now.

Balane: Re building and heading for Crag

The Oath Keepers headed to Crag after recruiting some workers to continue re furbishing the keep.  Hiring on at a very reasonable wage we joined a caravan as guards and were largely window dressing as a small band of Dranak's Hand druids blew apart a marauding band of Dwarves beant on pillaging the caravan.  The small Goblin (Mallor I believe?) proved his worth by remembering that a bounty was paid for left ears.  This netted us 600g.  I am very pleased with how our small company is coming together.  One of the new recruits we left behind should prove to be a very promising Druid.

Oathkeepers road to Crag
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

20th Falling Ice

The Youlin Aradi known as Ajal returned to Oath Keep with workers who could further help the budding organization.

21st of Falling Ice

Very surprised after a day goes by one of the workers happens to be a  druid and thanks to the Fae noble he learned this very building belonged to a previous mercenary company.  Traveling back to Stone we began to dig for some jobs, most of all anything to further the Oathkeepers. Kraken gave us a lead about a Caravan heading directly to Crag where other opportunities could be presented.  Balane went to negotiate with the Head of the Caravan nearly spooking the horses with his display of magic.  Flaunting magic is never a wise decision, but we at least knew we were looking forward to 2 gold a night as most of us were ready to leave. 

21st to 24th of Falling Ice

On the road it made me wonder who was stupid enough to become a problem. For emphasis, this caravan contained us the Oathkeepers, a few freelancers, and a local group known as Dranak's Hand were on the detail as well.  Most of the days were uneventful while learning more about our employer and fellow workers safeguarding their cargo.  In the darkness we were ambushed, making me questioned the rumors I heard about Dranak's hand…perhaps just strutting with good equipment. By the mighty Murvoth I forever bite my tongue after alerting the caravan we were under attack.  Cries barely disguised the eruptions from the ground, most dying by the combined might of the Dwarves of Dranak's hand alone… Maybe Balane plan for more practitioners of magic is a valid thing after witnessing all their calamity leaving ourselves with barely any work.

The small goblin Mallor weirded me out further, carving out thei ears. I cannot deny some want proof yet this was very barbaric, to say the least.  

26th of Falling Ice 

Curse a hyperactive Brinchie we made it without any further distractions to Crag, the mercs with us probably scaring away future threats for the time being. We meet up with a Granyt Fyrforg, Captain of Grayson Grey rangers was connected as an old contact to this building we claimed as Oath Keep.  In events very unseen,  Mallor creepy habit of carving out ears came in handy at the town watch, dragging a hefty 600 gold total.  Payment for the job gave everyone 10 gold each, making a decent paying size of coin.  Recalling where mercenaries flocked known as The Dirty Crossbow. it seemed like a good first option and find…the weird little one deserves more credit than I gave him. 


Left Ears

After discussing what We would do as to the upkeep of The Keep, We decided that we would need some more income. We traveled to Stone and found a caravan company headed for Craig. On the third night out we were accosted by a large group of dwarves. The Druids of Dranik made short work of them. When the rest of the group went to lie down I remembered what Sivok told Me "When collecting bounties you must bring back proof of the kill, take their left ears", so I did just that. I am glad I did, We were rewarded 600 gold for it. I will turn over the lions share to The Oathkeepers for the upkeep of Our Keep.

Balane: Wolf Pack
Well, I got a new horse......

the larger of the 2 Goblins proved most useful in exploring the local area.  His maps were well drawn and I managed to map out several filaments and even two loci within a mile or so of Oath Keep. 

A new dwarf arrived wearing builder armor of all things!  After exploring the keep we even found an old suit of environmentally contained builder armor.

The larger Goblin was missing when we saw smoke over the hills.  Riding out we found our friend up a tree surrounded by a pack of wolves.  I must admit I surprised myself a bit when I charged in and scattered the pack slaying several with magic while my compatriots picked the pack apart.  Unfortunately Rochir was torn to pieces beneath me.  A bit of good luck, the wolf pelts, meat, etc. were more than enough to get me a new horse as well as a bonus for everyone. 

The Start of the Oathkeepers
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

Falling Ice 19th

Left for  the afternoon after seizing control of the building, impressed by how much wildlife seems to flourish right near us. By Shayline's tit having Balane slowed the progress slightly as the flora was decent and the terrain was mapped well enough. Muttering some magical essence mess of a source of energy..think he called filaments and loci surrounding different areas within a mile or two.  Returning I glanced to see another Dwarf I swore was a builder based on that foreign magical like armor I fought against a few Prelacy folk during the Crimson Crusade…they called it arcmancy.  Amusing fellow based on banter..might be a decent addition hearing he an engineer or smith in  a way. That evening after looking about we found a smithy, sleeping as it felt secured enough for the meanwhile.

Falling Ice 20th

Morning greeted me like an Ogre's arse so pretty much bad feeling too crowded. Knowing the map felt mediocre despite doing grand for my limited resources I fled the headquarters and went out to scout head and better craft a map. Lord Fyrforg was helpful the prior day, all the rooms shown on the blueprints he handed. Should entertain the others for days.   Traversing I felt an uneasy feeling as the map improved in quality. About a few minutes later I knew why…. it was a sodding wolf pack probably one of the three noted from surveying the area.  Climbing up a tree higher than them, I lit a signal fire with a branch. Time passed, I grew bored of the pack of twenty. I killed each with more or less with my knives..even the willowed burnt branch killed one…Murvoth would be proud. 

My fellow mercs stampeded into their hunting den, distracted to go after them. Balane had more guts than most his kind, charging the frey unleashing heavy surge of magic to clean out their numbers.  Admittedly Kreiger frightened me with his bowmanship, yet his abilities on horseback were impressive.  Shame the fae horse was torn into pieces by the damn canines, though gave me time to jump down and crush one on the way down.  The others killed their numbers in the distance, with only a dead horse as the price to pay…well did until the heavy amount of pelts and meat were proper payments to get another horse to him.  Crafting them a grand sled, we dragged them on the powerful Bull Sir Hammerstein had tamed…I think? Money was shared and all we needed were more bodies on our side now . Oh and this place we called Oathkeep is huge!!!!!!!!!

By the Murvoth,

Haakin Zarr 


Fuller's Log
The founding of Oath Keep Day one

After meeting with everyone that was wanting to found a mercenary group and dispatching the necromancer and its foul mob, we were deeded a large manor house, a bit dusty, might have to hire some servants just for cleaning.. Well we rested the night and well had a party of sorts. then came the fun of starting to inventory the place and check out all the rooms in it, I was fascinated by a dwarf that wore some odd armor that apparently was some Builder tech.. not sure what that is.. well in the searching we found a suit of armor similar to his but of better quality. and as none one else could use it and we need to have our folks as equipped as possible I told him he could use it, he seemed very excited about that. Also he started cleaning and refurbishing all the weapons we found as soon as we stopped. I think the group will form up well, once we start working as a team more instead of going seperate ways, sometime while we were mapping the manor out we heard my Ranger calling for everyone due to smoke off to the east. when we gathered we were all there that was around except for the Goblin follower of the code of Murvoth.. Well we went out to see what the smoke was and found him treed by a pack of wolves, after a tense few moments the 20 wolves were dead and one horse had become a chew toy for a couple of them in the process.. We got some funds from the pelts and the meat, and had a bit of a party again.. I guess I will stroll around the training area in the basement then go to town and attempt to hire some folks to clean, cook, tend the cattle, maybe find a cheese maker willing to come and stay to make cheese for us and they could sell some of it for their salary and the rest sold to go into the money for paying the other folks. Also a butcher will likely come in handy.. hmm mayhap I could find a family of folks that would do the tasks for a place to stay with food and drink….

Exploring The Keep!
And Wolf Steaks!!!

Shining Sword and Knuckles went into the Forest. Drink Son and I were waiting around when Sand Man left to go to town. After a few hours we saw the figure of Gleaming Dwarf coming towards us. Gleaming Dwarf has The Crystal in his armor. I like Gleaming Dwarf. After Shining Sword and Knuckles returned, the all of us except Knuckles started to explore this keep. We found a well stocked Forge and Armory. I am looking for the caves that were my home for My Entire Life, unfortunately the base of The Keep is bedrock. 

We had explored the entire Keep when Pudgy U-man Elf-kin spied smoke in the near forest and We decided to investigate. Knuckles was treed by a Wolf-Pack. We had to kill the starving creature lest they eat us.

Campaign Notes

Oath Keepers: Our Merc name

Oath Keep: Our Base

Kraken Thunderbolt: Old Dwarf owner of the Crown and Anvil

Crown and Anvil: Nice bar/inn in Stone

40 magazines xbow bolts

4 healing with raise

2 quickness

4 armor

8 gold into the group funds


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