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Oathkeepers road to CURSES and recovery
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc


33rd of Falling Ice to 33rd of First Hunt

Recovery felt like it was slowly processing, health is slowly fading while making about even to keep our company intact.  Too insignificant times unfortunately with meager saving. A month later this sickness accelerates further… A faint white silver glow surrounds Fuller, everyone else is sickening by it.  The druids also were unaffected meaning something maybe protection from the Ascended. 

12th of Golden Eagle – Planting Moons 3rd 

Through this strife we strengthened, improving relations during that time and the resolve in caring for others earning trust. Just hope a future job pays for this setback.

Balane: More sickness has us emerge stronger than ever.

Oathkeep was hit with a mysterious illness that contained aspects or Darkness to it (Note, this is faction play).  It hit our morale hard (targeted morale stat).  Fortunately everyone performed admirably (many successes and raises totaling the required 7 by only round 2 or 3)  Not much else to report at this time.  I'm sure there will be a mission ahead for a small group of us (Plan something for this weekend Mark!!!!  :)  ).

Balane: Stomach Ache.

Arriving in Rock Ridge we were forced to stay at a Dwarvish inn that was only moderately clean at best.  I elected to not bring it up as we would be passing through here regularly.  then the meal came….  To say it was bad would be to insult bad.  It made the less hardy of our band sick and even killed one driver!  Needless to say, next time we will camp on the road…..

Oathkeepers road to Death
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

Late Evening of 28th of Falling Ice 

Arrive into Rockridge we enter their Inn after  praying at the temple we entered. Balane used magic on the meager meal being serviced to the masses. However, it made me sick even masking with all the salt in the sodding abyss. Not certain how the others felt…know enough vomiting occurred for me alone

29th of Falling Ice 

Within the Rockridge Inn most of the Oathkeepers are sick with the merchants with major food poisoning and a death surprisingly coming from it. My skills in herbalism helped with defeating the illness, getting back on our feet gradually.

32nd of Falling Ice

Make it back to Stone although not fully recovered. Rumor starts spreading thanks to Rockridge Inn that we're bad luck thanks to a rider of a merchant caravan.  Balane pissed at the news spreads discord by counter rumoring about the deadly cuisine. Now we head back to Oathkeep.  

Journal of Ajal
What the sanddunes am I doing here.

Crag 26th of Falling Ice.

Just been on Caravan duty with the Oathkeepers. And the merchants had also hired some Dranak Hands, dwarven mercenaries, druids all of them. And by the number of bodies collected there had been at least 30 dwarven raiders. All more or less taken care of by 5 Dranak hands.

Im certain the merchant will never hire anything but Dranak's hands in the future, why would he need anything else.

So what am I doing here, I feel very much out of my sands. What can I contribute to this group, other than spending money on carpenters and woodcutters. Fuller have gained the admiration of a unstoppable bull, that allows him to ride it. Balane have powers that will make my arrows seem pointless. The goblins have showed more talent this last week, than I have dreamt of in my entire life.

How am I supposed to command and be respected by hardened veteran mercs, when I don't respect myself, or have noble blood. Even the dwarves have better cavalry than I have seen anywhere, there heavy plates and massive lizard creatures that can outpace and outfight any horse rider I have seen or heard of.

One can wonder why the Dwarves haven't conquered the world.

Maybe I should just return to Oath Keep and make sure that horses and cows gets good treatment, recruit a great stable master for the company and then return to the sands and face my shame.

Journal of Ajal.
Im a Oathkeeper.

19th Falling Ice.


Sitting here in the Darkness outside a big dwarven stone structure, a fire keeping me warm, horses keep me company and stars watching over me, I can begin to hope again. After long weeks of travel from my deserts, to this strange place of grass and stone, I have found what I sought, after I heard about the opportunity in a tavern in Malakar, from some veteran mercenaries.

Im now a Oath Keeper, part of a mercenary outfit. Small beginnings, a solid dwarf and mystic eldakar both of noble birth. Two goblins, one more strange than the other. But I have seen them fight, and despite there small stature, one pack a great punch, and one seems to hide mystical power, thou he seems unaware of this fact. Also a couple of followers a child standard bearer of the Eldakar, and a female Alakar archer follows the dwarf.

If the noise the other night was anything to go by, the Eldakar and Alakar seems quite pleased with each other.

And our first foray as a group wen't quite well, we met yesterday at a tavern called the Crown and Anvil, there I was pleasantly met by the Eldakar, who offered me some of the local beverage. I am not quite sure what people taste in beer. I am not a fan of the bitter aftertaste. But I was grateful to be so openly welcomed, as I saw one of the goblins fall under the table.


There we were given the opportunity by a local lord to clear out a nearby building of a former merc company, and claim it as our own. It was apparently claimed as a lair for a necromancer, who had spawned a small group of skeletons. We handled these with ease, thou the child needs quite expansive training before he should be allowed to carry a bow to war. But he is not my charge.

But I have taken on the charge as stable master, since I seem to be the one who knows most about horses. And when the day breaks, I will return to town to hire some people to build the company a stable and a pasture, for the horses.

Well it is time to wake the next sentinel, may the morrow bring me closer to these people.

Balane: Some bets are worth making!

Arriving in Slate Spirit we passed beneath the branches of the Dryad tree at the front gate I shot the Dryad a wink out of reflex and noticed  Elasha doing the same!  (truly a woman after my own heart).  That evening proved as eventful as anticipated, though the Dryad, unfortunately, did not join us.  The Dryad did let us make use of her tree along with her blessing.  Kourak has apparently gotten himself chosen by the Silver Unicorn!  Very nice, though our larger Goblin companion seems a bit miffed….

Later the next day Haakin (the larger Goblin) attempted to recruit some of his fellow Goblinesh.   Apparently he had to prove himself in some sort of pit fight with, of all things, a large Ogre.  Well, I'm not sure why, but I had a feeling that our little friend would be able to take the big fellow (especially at 15 to 1 odds!)  The smaller Goblin also took my advice and bet on Haakin.  We netted ourselves quite a tidy profit as the big Ogre stumbled out of the ring (as well as some promising Goblinesh recruits)!  We are now roughly at capacity of pay, etc.  time to put it all together and find some REAL work.

Oathkeepers visit my HOME!!
Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

27th  of  Falling Ice 

We leave out the area for Slatesspirit, getting to the entrance we are greeted by its protector…A young Dryad to the Silver Unicorn. Getting to the entrance I approached the altar, paying respect to her and by extension her great champions who protect us selflessly.  Sir Hammerstein through his pilgrimage got the attention of the Silver Unicorn, a brief white silver light shining onto him. Whatever the feeling…I am baffled he received the acknowledgment….red with infernal envy to be truthful. Regardless everyone had things to do, myself motivated.

Balane and the Eldakar archer went to do some lewd things near the presence of the Dryad herself. I was greeted by my parents returning to the gather, but I blanked out after getting hugged by mother…her massive blobs of fat attempting to kill me. Awakened hours later, I looked for ways to recruit more of my kin….sadly it would require much.

Needed to prove my mettle against those in the gather whom seems like their champion, this frightening Ogre behemoth known as Grimgore that seemingly mimicked or was inspired by a teammate of Murvoth's.. In a traditional Goblinesh area..I would fight for more to join us. With a battle commencing in the arena, the odds were against me with plenty betting heavily against me. Rushing forward…I got to taste a thunderous kick to the face stopped me for a moment, fury sinking in I wasn't noticed by the silver unicorn. Fury roaring for my limitations and the requirement to become better. 

Standing my ground, he was unbalanced as I grappled with his foot throwing the massive warrior off his feet and out of the area. I was the undergoblinesh, I was the victor of this fight which hopefully would improve the Oathkeepers.

28th of Falling Ice

I HAD AN Awesome night…. of fun. Also, recruitment went well with over 20 goblinesh joining even some Dwarven military veterans of Stahlheim. Not bad if one asked me. Apparently Mallor had a deep conversation or prayer with the unicorn…differently, I reckon.

For the Murvoth,

Haakin Zarr 

The Silver Unicorn!
Lead me to The Silver Tree!

We joined with a legitimate merchant group headed through Rock Ridge towards Stone. When we stopped at Rock Ridge The Group went to pay Our respects at The Temple. Afterwards Knuckles went to see his family, Drink Son went to the bar, Shining Sword and Pudgy U-man Elf-kin went off to The Dryads grove and I was drawn back to The Temple to meditate. I was there for awhile when Drink Son came and said that Knuckles was going to fight the Torkash's Champion in a duel, so I went with Drink Son and watched as Knuckles threw Tall Ogre out of the ring in one move. As I was leaving I found a necklace with jeweled ears on it, I put it on and I could hear everything around Me! The Group went around and hired more guards as I went back to The Temple to pray some more!

Nazatirian's and Malakarian's?
Why they want me?

We were in Craig and set about look for a caravan back towards Stone. My and Shining Sword went to The Dirty Crossbow and found a group that said they were headed through the mountains to Stone. They said to meet them around the corner to finalize the deal, when Shining Sword and I walked around the corner the "Merchant" made a signal and some more men jumped out of the shadows and grabbed Me. During the struggle there was some twangs as crossbow bolts killed every "Nazatirian" there (Headshots all). Soon some other men stepped out of the shadows dressed all in black. We tried to thank them and they tackled me to the ground and stuffed me in a sack. I heard screaming (was that Shining Sword?) and during my struggle to get free I burst the bag to find I was surrounded by Dwarven Guards who were aiming their crossbows at me?!? They had chased away the Black Clad Men but seemed to fear me? Shining Sword calmed them down and had them chase the Black Clad Men while their Commander had a chat with us. As Shining Sword and the Commander were talking I went to take the Nazatirian's left ears but the Commander stopped me. I don't understand these Laws.


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