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Oathkeepers road to Crag

Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

20th Falling Ice

The Youlin Aradi known as Ajal returned to Oath Keep with workers who could further help the budding organization.

21st of Falling Ice

Very surprised after a day goes by one of the workers happens to be a  druid and thanks to the Fae noble he learned this very building belonged to a previous mercenary company.  Traveling back to Stone we began to dig for some jobs, most of all anything to further the Oathkeepers. Kraken gave us a lead about a Caravan heading directly to Crag where other opportunities could be presented.  Balane went to negotiate with the Head of the Caravan nearly spooking the horses with his display of magic.  Flaunting magic is never a wise decision, but we at least knew we were looking forward to 2 gold a night as most of us were ready to leave. 

21st to 24th of Falling Ice

On the road it made me wonder who was stupid enough to become a problem. For emphasis, this caravan contained us the Oathkeepers, a few freelancers, and a local group known as Dranak's Hand were on the detail as well.  Most of the days were uneventful while learning more about our employer and fellow workers safeguarding their cargo.  In the darkness we were ambushed, making me questioned the rumors I heard about Dranak's hand…perhaps just strutting with good equipment. By the mighty Murvoth I forever bite my tongue after alerting the caravan we were under attack.  Cries barely disguised the eruptions from the ground, most dying by the combined might of the Dwarves of Dranak's hand alone… Maybe Balane plan for more practitioners of magic is a valid thing after witnessing all their calamity leaving ourselves with barely any work.

The small goblin Mallor weirded me out further, carving out thei ears. I cannot deny some want proof yet this was very barbaric, to say the least.  

26th of Falling Ice 

Curse a hyperactive Brinchie we made it without any further distractions to Crag, the mercs with us probably scaring away future threats for the time being. We meet up with a Granyt Fyrforg, Captain of Grayson Grey rangers was connected as an old contact to this building we claimed as Oath Keep.  In events very unseen,  Mallor creepy habit of carving out ears came in handy at the town watch, dragging a hefty 600 gold total.  Payment for the job gave everyone 10 gold each, making a decent paying size of coin.  Recalling where mercenaries flocked known as The Dirty Crossbow. it seemed like a good first option and find…the weird little one deserves more credit than I gave him. 



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