Jade Shadow

Brinchie Scout/Assassin


Rank: Novice / XP: 8 / Race: Brinchie
Coin: 400 copper

Agility d12 / Smarts d4 / Spirit d4 / Strength d8 / Vigor d6

Pace 8 (Run 10)
Parry: 9 (10 w/ spear) (+1 bracers, +1 acrobat)
Toughness: 4 (-1 “Small” hindrance)
Charisma: -2 (“outsider” hindrance)

Climbing d6 / Fighting d10 / Lockpicking d4 / Notice d4+2
Stealth: d8 (+1 armor, +3 in shadow)
Throwing d6 / Tracking: d4

Major: Small (-1 toughness)
Major: Overconfident
Racial: Outsider (-2 Charisma)

Starting Edges:
Small-Cat Form: add d10 to “Push” for Agility rolls or Agility-linked skills,
instead of a d6 (Brinchie Racial Background)
Kalinata: claw attack damage increases to Str + d6 (Brinchie Martial Arts)
Racial Bonus: Acrobat (+1 parry)

5xp: Heirloom Armor – Shayakar Night Chain
10xp: Alertness

Shayakar Night Chain: 3 armor, -4 coverage, +1 stealth (3 in shadows and night),
nearly silent in movement. (Heirloom)
Bracers: +1 parry

Backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, waterskin, rations
Lockpicks, pitons,

Claws: Str + d6
Knife: Str + d4 3/6/12;
Spear: Str+ d6 3/6/12, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 hands
Pointer: With unknown poison; extra vial of unknown poison

Claw-Chain: Str + d4, Reach 2, 2 Hands, Ignores Shields (Martial arts weapon – sharp clawed end rakes enemies, weight at the other end of the chain looks like a cat’s paw in a fist) Ksuri’ka: Str +2, 3/6/9; up to 3 targets in Cone Template (modified by range) (Small, black spiked metal rings thrown to harass and distract opponents. Can be lethal, especially when poisoned.)

Jade Shadow

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