Ajal amin Ferouk amin Ignin

Armoured Youlin Aradi horsearcher


Rank/XP: 24

Race: Human (Youlin Aradi)

Titles :

Coin:1815 copper

Agility – D8
Smarts- D6
Spirit- D6
Strength- D6
Vigor- D8 (+2 to resist heat effects, desert born)

Pace 6(Run d6) , Parry 7 (1 from bracers or medium shield) , Toughness 9(3,+2 vs ranged with medium shield) , Charisma 0 , Essence 0

Riding d8+3 (horseman edge + fine saddle)
Shooting d12
Fighting d8
Persuasion d6 (free human skill)
Knowledge Flame d4
Notice d6 ( +2 Alertness, -2 from full helmet. )
Streetwise d4
Survival d6 ( +1 to deserts )
Stealth d4
Climbing d4

Major: Phobia, Vultures and any other winged beast of that size or larger is terrifying creatures of evil. Yes I have never met or seen a aevakar.
Minor: Loyal. Towards friends and fighting comrades.
Minor: Animosity Flame. The eternal enemy of the eternal desert.

Creation choices:
Agility d8
Desert Born, +2 to resist heat effects, +1 survival desert and Alertness Edge.
Horseman, +2 to riding except for fighting rolls, can either mount or dismount as a free action each turn.

5xp – Horse Archer (Iron Dynasty, p 64)
10xp – Beast Bond (Use bennies on my mounts)
15xp – Spirit d6
20xp – Training (Stealth d4, shooting d10, shooting d12, climbing d4, Etiquette – Merc bands)

Full Chain Mail and Full Helmet (armor + 3, coverage -5, weight 25, cost 500)
Bracers (+ 1 parry, weight 6, cost 40)
Medium Shield (+ 1 parry, + 2 vs ranged shots that hit, weight 12, cost 50)
Recurve bow (Just a normal bow, range 12/24/48, dam 2d6 weight 3, cost 250)
Scimitar (dam str + d6, weight 4, cost 200)
Knife (dam str + d4, weight 1, cost 25)
Bedroll (Weight 3, cost 25)
Flint and Steel (cost 3)
Rope 60 feet (weight 15, cost 10)
2 Fine Saddles ( +1 riding, weight 10, cost 50 )
Travel Rations ( 7 days, weight 10, cost 25 )
Water skin ( weight 1, cost 3 )
Quiver ( 20 arrows, weight 2, cost 10 )
Horse ( cost 300 )
Warhorse ( cost 1000 )
Blunt head white silver arrows ( 5 copper a piece ) -1 shooting,-2 short range increment.
Elvish Longbow, rng 18/36/72, dam 2d6 +1, weight 4, everwood (Cost 2000)

Aradish (home language)

Defining Interest:
Lore – Cavalry Strategy.
Perform – Horsemanship.
Animal Husbandry – Horse whisperer.
Etiquette – Mercenary Bands.


Brown of skin dark of hair Ajal amin Ferouk amin Ignin. Ajal or Afi to friends, looks like your average Youlin Aradi.
Born to one of the nomadic desert riding tribes, not 18 years ago he learned to ride horses at the same time as he could walk.
His tribe spending most of the year patrolling the desert, to keep the nation secure. Ajal was raised in the tradition of the armored horse archer, hardening his skin and body to the heat of the sun on heavy chainmail armor. Moving swiftly on horseback keeping a steady stream of arrows on the enemy, finishing them up with his curved scimitar, his horse willing.

At this point in his life, Ajal is without tribe, thou he is not prone to tell why. Thou the observant might wonder if its somehow connected to Ajal’s great fear of winged creatures.

Right now, Ajal is searching for a place to belong, hoping that his skill with sword, bow and horsemanship, will earn him a place among skilled men and a home to call his tribe.

Ajal amin Ferouk amin Ignin

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