Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

The Silver Unicorn!

Lead me to The Silver Tree!

We joined with a legitimate merchant group headed through Rock Ridge towards Stone. When we stopped at Rock Ridge The Group went to pay Our respects at The Temple. Afterwards Knuckles went to see his family, Drink Son went to the bar, Shining Sword and Pudgy U-man Elf-kin went off to The Dryads grove and I was drawn back to The Temple to meditate. I was there for awhile when Drink Son came and said that Knuckles was going to fight the Torkash's Champion in a duel, so I went with Drink Son and watched as Knuckles threw Tall Ogre out of the ring in one move. As I was leaving I found a necklace with jeweled ears on it, I put it on and I could hear everything around Me! The Group went around and hired more guards as I went back to The Temple to pray some more!


Mark_Herwig Throning_Karma

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