Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Oathkeepers road to Death

Entries of a Goblinesh Merc

Late Evening of 28th of Falling Ice 

Arrive into Rockridge we enter their Inn after  praying at the temple we entered. Balane used magic on the meager meal being serviced to the masses. However, it made me sick even masking with all the salt in the sodding abyss. Not certain how the others felt…know enough vomiting occurred for me alone

29th of Falling Ice 

Within the Rockridge Inn most of the Oathkeepers are sick with the merchants with major food poisoning and a death surprisingly coming from it. My skills in herbalism helped with defeating the illness, getting back on our feet gradually.

32nd of Falling Ice

Make it back to Stone although not fully recovered. Rumor starts spreading thanks to Rockridge Inn that we're bad luck thanks to a rider of a merchant caravan.  Balane pissed at the news spreads discord by counter rumoring about the deadly cuisine. Now we head back to Oathkeep.  


Mark_Herwig Ruben_Rivera

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