Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Nazatirian's and Malakarian's?

Why they want me?

We were in Craig and set about look for a caravan back towards Stone. My and Shining Sword went to The Dirty Crossbow and found a group that said they were headed through the mountains to Stone. They said to meet them around the corner to finalize the deal, when Shining Sword and I walked around the corner the "Merchant" made a signal and some more men jumped out of the shadows and grabbed Me. During the struggle there was some twangs as crossbow bolts killed every "Nazatirian" there (Headshots all). Soon some other men stepped out of the shadows dressed all in black. We tried to thank them and they tackled me to the ground and stuffed me in a sack. I heard screaming (was that Shining Sword?) and during my struggle to get free I burst the bag to find I was surrounded by Dwarven Guards who were aiming their crossbows at me?!? They had chased away the Black Clad Men but seemed to fear me? Shining Sword calmed them down and had them chase the Black Clad Men while their Commander had a chat with us. As Shining Sword and the Commander were talking I went to take the Nazatirian's left ears but the Commander stopped me. I don't understand these Laws.


Mark_Herwig Throning_Karma

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