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Journal of Ajal

What the sanddunes am I doing here.

Crag 26th of Falling Ice.

Just been on Caravan duty with the Oathkeepers. And the merchants had also hired some Dranak Hands, dwarven mercenaries, druids all of them. And by the number of bodies collected there had been at least 30 dwarven raiders. All more or less taken care of by 5 Dranak hands.

Im certain the merchant will never hire anything but Dranak's hands in the future, why would he need anything else.

So what am I doing here, I feel very much out of my sands. What can I contribute to this group, other than spending money on carpenters and woodcutters. Fuller have gained the admiration of a unstoppable bull, that allows him to ride it. Balane have powers that will make my arrows seem pointless. The goblins have showed more talent this last week, than I have dreamt of in my entire life.

How am I supposed to command and be respected by hardened veteran mercs, when I don't respect myself, or have noble blood. Even the dwarves have better cavalry than I have seen anywhere, there heavy plates and massive lizard creatures that can outpace and outfight any horse rider I have seen or heard of.

One can wonder why the Dwarves haven't conquered the world.

Maybe I should just return to Oath Keep and make sure that horses and cows gets good treatment, recruit a great stable master for the company and then return to the sands and face my shame.


Mark_Herwig Anilar

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