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Journal of Ajal.

Im a Oathkeeper.

19th Falling Ice.


Sitting here in the Darkness outside a big dwarven stone structure, a fire keeping me warm, horses keep me company and stars watching over me, I can begin to hope again. After long weeks of travel from my deserts, to this strange place of grass and stone, I have found what I sought, after I heard about the opportunity in a tavern in Malakar, from some veteran mercenaries.

Im now a Oath Keeper, part of a mercenary outfit. Small beginnings, a solid dwarf and mystic eldakar both of noble birth. Two goblins, one more strange than the other. But I have seen them fight, and despite there small stature, one pack a great punch, and one seems to hide mystical power, thou he seems unaware of this fact. Also a couple of followers a child standard bearer of the Eldakar, and a female Alakar archer follows the dwarf.

If the noise the other night was anything to go by, the Eldakar and Alakar seems quite pleased with each other.

And our first foray as a group wen't quite well, we met yesterday at a tavern called the Crown and Anvil, there I was pleasantly met by the Eldakar, who offered me some of the local beverage. I am not quite sure what people taste in beer. I am not a fan of the bitter aftertaste. But I was grateful to be so openly welcomed, as I saw one of the goblins fall under the table.


There we were given the opportunity by a local lord to clear out a nearby building of a former merc company, and claim it as our own. It was apparently claimed as a lair for a necromancer, who had spawned a small group of skeletons. We handled these with ease, thou the child needs quite expansive training before he should be allowed to carry a bow to war. But he is not my charge.

But I have taken on the charge as stable master, since I seem to be the one who knows most about horses. And when the day breaks, I will return to town to hire some people to build the company a stable and a pasture, for the horses.

Well it is time to wake the next sentinel, may the morrow bring me closer to these people.


Mark_Herwig Anilar

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