Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Exploring The Keep!

And Wolf Steaks!!!

Shining Sword and Knuckles went into the Forest. Drink Son and I were waiting around when Sand Man left to go to town. After a few hours we saw the figure of Gleaming Dwarf coming towards us. Gleaming Dwarf has The Crystal in his armor. I like Gleaming Dwarf. After Shining Sword and Knuckles returned, the all of us except Knuckles started to explore this keep. We found a well stocked Forge and Armory. I am looking for the caves that were my home for My Entire Life, unfortunately the base of The Keep is bedrock. 

We had explored the entire Keep when Pudgy U-man Elf-kin spied smoke in the near forest and We decided to investigate. Knuckles was treed by a Wolf-Pack. We had to kill the starving creature lest they eat us.


Mark_Herwig Throning_Karma

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