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And Profit!

Long had I spent toiling away under that damned mountain. Always More they wanted, always More. The Blue Rock, The Lighted Crystal, they would send Me to the lowest tunnels, to use the pick, to carry The Rock. I was sent lower than I had ever gotten, to The Roots Of The Mountain, I felt strange. One Rock was calling towards Me, so I answered the call. When I woke up the rock was in pieces around Me, My presence must have destroyed it. I felt Powerful, I felt Strong, The Blue Rock must of done this to Me, I must have More. I must leave this place, they will never allow Me to have More, I am Powerful, I am Sneaky, I will Sneak out of here and leave this cursed place behind.

It must be late, the guards are sleepy, they turn their heads away from Me, they don't see Me leave. I see light, I see The Moons, I see all of Starfather's Creation. Up until this point all I remember is Dranik's halls. The Dwarves have always been kind to me, Sivok taught me his language, He said "Towards the rising of The Sun go.", so I went towards the rising of The Sun until I met The River. I found a tree branch that would not drop into the tears of The River, with it I walked over The River to The Grasses on the other side. I am cold, The Sun Warms Me, The Moons sap My Strength, I see a Barracks (but so few live there), this must be what Sivok called "A home". There are little ones, I can fit in their clothes, I must take them (May those who watch forgive me). Long I walked toward the rising of The Sun till I saw towards My Strength the Lonely Mountains My Friend Sivok told me were once his home! I miss My Friend who Walks with Dranik in His Halls. All I want is to do My Friend's Memory Justice. I will find His Home, and preserve His Name with all My Skill. 

I am starving, I must eat or I will die. I see a Shining Sword, I follow Him, It might lead me to food. Shining Sword turns to me and asks "Are you hungry", I told Shining Sword "Yes!", now I eat meat and hear of a Way, Shining Sword says I can make Gold and I can Eat if I follow the Way! Shining Sword seems wise, I will listen to Shining Sword.

What vision of wonder! Another Goblin! He's kinda cute! But those Knuckles are so scarred, perhaps He will allow Me to aid in His recovery! Knuckles is not much of a drinker, He sleeps after 3 mugs, I snuggle with Him for warmth!

Sand Man sees our group. I never liked Sand Man's People, they trade in Slaves sometimes. He seems the quiet one. Sand Man's eyes are everywhere, He sees much.

Drink Son comes in and tries to buy Our Friendship with His Before Sires Ale. Drink Son's Before Sire must be a Great Dwarf if His Ale has anything to say. Drink Son has pudgy U-Man Elf-Kin with him, Many Many Others look at it with wide eyes and open mouths…I don't understand why.

Shining Sword has U-Man Child with Him. U-Man Child does what Shining Sword says, as it should be.

Shining Sword gives Me Clouds to sleep on, I have never slept on Clouds. Rocks hurt Me when I lie on them, Clouds Heal Me. 

Flag Dwarf and Loud Dwarf met Us at "first" meal, Loud Dwarf said "To follow The Way You must Destroy the Enemy". He said "If We defeat the Enemy, We will receive Gold and Land". The Eyes of All were on Loud Dwarf and All agreed to Defeat the Enemy for this boon.

We followed Loud Dwarf to the Land and He showed us the Enemy, We fought and killed All the Enemy. The Enemy liked Me the least of My Friends, I must find out Why???



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