Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Balane: Why does it ALWAYS have to be at night....?

I was enjoying some much needed rest after an exhausting bout of lovemaking with Elasha when sounds of combat awoke us.  After quickly tossing on my my White Silver Chain shirt I moved out to find that we were under attack by unknown forces dressed as assassins in black.  My keen Elvish senses penetrated their feeble attempts to hide and I smote down several of them while maneuvering to aid a Dwarven lookout in the NE tower.  Fortunately the young Dwarf survived the night.  It turned out that Mallor, the smaller of our 2 Goblins, was the cause of the raid.  It has now become imperative that we know WHY these attacks keep happening.  Though, I must admit, it is nice that these foolish enemies bring us such NICE gear to arm our soldiers with…..


Mark_Herwig faradhii

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