Shaintar_Legends Awaken_Mercenaries in Stahlheim

Balane: A second outpost claimed

and a secret sub-basement

Scouting the lower levels of Oathkeep Fuller thought he detected a secret door.  Going down and detecting magic showed a mix of magic styles (adept, channeling, faith, sorcery) that kept a door and tunnel locked off.  A bit of research taught the basics of secret doors, we would need to find the password somehow.  I offered a 50g bounty on anyone who could discover it.

We were tasked with reclaiming a second keep on the Northern border.  As we were also required to to patrol the North this fit in well.  Myself, Mallor, and Fuller snuck inside and opened the gates to Fyrforge's 200.  A Dwarven mage proved very useful in carpet bombing the Ballistae that were arrayed against us.  He was also able to become intangible.  Another good success for our team.


Mark_Herwig faradhii

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